Introducing bMark™: clever, global benchmarking software for evaluating oil and gas fields

In 2015 Belltree launched bMark™, software designed to bring our benchmarking techniques directly to the Industry in a flexible and easy-to-use format. bMark™ combines the power of Belltree’s benchmarking techniques with a worldwide upstream analogue database of over 41,000 fields and reservoirs to create an efficient and auditable oil and gas benchmarking platform.

bMark Oil & Gas Benchmarking

Powerful Oil & Gas Analysis

bMark™ allows portfolio, field & reservoir performance to be assessed on multiple levels:

  1. Comparison to Analogues
    • Is my field a top quartile performer?
    • What are the data ranges for fields in my region?
    • Is my input data reasonable?
  2. Reserves/Resource Expectations
    • Is there ‘hidden’ upside?
    • Are we being overly optimistic?
    • Which field / reservoir / sector has the most remaining upside?
  3. Development Characteristics
    • Has the field been developed appropriately?
    • How many wells will we need?
    • What size facility should we design?

Ultimately, bMark™ allows users to convert technical oil field data into simple, value-based answers to questions such as:

  • Should I invest in this opportunity?
  • Should I approve this development?
  • Are my reserves reasonable and auditable?
  • Which fields in my portfolio are underperforming?

bMark™ Key Features

  • Global Database
    • Continuously updated global database of subsurface, field development and performance data for oil and gas assets
    • Import your own corporate databases at the click of a button
    • View analogue production histories for worldwide fields
  • Unique Benchmarks
    • Predict reserves, optimal drilling density & optimal offtake rates for your fields
    • Identify under-performing fields for M&A or further development
    • QC reserves and resource bookings
  • One Platform
    • In-built data management and interrogation features
    • Share files between team members with ease
    • All your data stays secure and encrypted behind your firewall

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