Benchmarking Services

Belltree are specialists at harnessing the power of analogue data to gain informative and effective insight into any oil and gas field or portfolio, using our proprietary bMark™ software.

As well as providing bMark™ to companies as an in-house software solution, Belltree are able to provide field benchmarking for clients via our consultancy services. This is typically the preferred option for clients who require a one-off M&A screening, are undertaking a one-off LTRO project or who have small portfolios requiring less frequent optimisation.

Portfolio Management

bMark™ benchmarks provide powerful screening tools for oil & gas portfolios. Benchmarking insights can be gained in days, not months, so analysts don’t waste their time and money on low-value prospects. We can use benchmarking to answer:

  • Which fields are poorest performing?
  • Are any field reserves over-booked?
  • Are field developments appropriate or will I need infill drilling?
  • What is the impact of subsurface uncertainty on booked reserves?
  • Which fields to buy and sell?

Field Development Optimisation / LTRO

Belltree’s performance benchmarks have proven effective in support of mature field optimisation studies in environments ranging from the North Sea to Onshore Russia to Deep Water West Africa. By benchmarking individual reservoir layers, fault blocks or production sectors, underperforming parts of a field can be identified rapidly. Projects can then be developed to target these underperforming zones, further improving field recovery.

Belltree are able to offer reservoir/sector level benchmarking services either on a stand-alone basis or as part of our wider LTRO service. To see what we can do for your fields please Contact Us for more information.