Technical Services

Belltree are specialists in provision of upstream oil & gas technical services, including:

  •  Classical Reservoir Engineering & Geoscience services
  •  Mature & Greenfield optimisation studies
  •  Reservoir simulation including advanced compositional simulations
  •  Field Performance Benchmarking using bMark™
  •  Locate The Remaining Oil (LTRO) Workflows
  •  Unconventional Reservoir Field Development

Reservoir Engineering Services

Belltree offers a full range of classical in-house reservoir engineering support services including:

  • Field Development Planning
  • Operational Support
    • Drilling & logging
    • Well Test Design and Analysis
    • PVT Analysis
    • Project Gate management
  • Brownfield & Greenfield Production Optimisation
  • Reserves & Resource Evaluations
  • Petroleum Economics

Classical Geoscience Services

Belltree offers a range of classical in-house geological support services in conjunction with our specialist Geoscience partners Merlin Energy Resources:

  • Seismic Acquisition Design, Supervision & Interpretation
  • Brownfield & Greenfield Geological Studies
  • Static Model Building & QC
  • Full Sedimentology Services & Core Logging
  • Full Petrography & Laboratory Analysis
  • Licence Application Support

Please see our Partners page, or Contact Us for more details and a full list of available services.

bMark Oil & Gas Benchmarking

Field Performance Benchmarking with bMark™

Belltree are specialists in using the power of analogue data benchmarking to gain insight to any oil & gas portfolio. Whilst traditionally offering these techniques only as part of our consultancy offering, we are now proud to bring benchmarking direct to the industry with our unique bMark™ software.

Please see our Benchmarking Services and bMark™ pages to learn more.

Locate The Remaining Oil (LTRO) Studies

Belltree is a pioneer in the development and implementation of the Locate The Remaining Oil (LTRO) process.

LTRO is a field analysis technique grounded in basic reservoir management principles and represents a philosophical shift away from the idea that “simulation precision = more value”. LTRO is particularly suited to the study of mature fields, where simulation modelling lacks the ‘granularity’ to resolve remaining pools of economically recoverable oil.

The LTRO process collates all of the available field data and presents it in a manner that enables team members to view and discuss it, rather than have it ‘hidden’ in databases and models. The advantages of using LTRO include:

  • Speed & Cost
    • LTRO outputs can be available in 1-2 months, reducing study timeframes by months or even years
  • Flexibility
    • Workflows can easily accommodate multiple geological and geophysical scenarios
  • Transparency
    • Remaining oil and gas is shown clearly on maps
    • All value-adding opportunities are captured

For more information on the power of LTRO, please see the Case Studies section or Contact Us.

Advanced Simulation Capability

Belltree staff have proven simulation expertise across a wide range of modelling processes from Black Oil through to Chemical EOR and Unconventional applications. We are fully familiar with a range of simulator platforms including:

  • Schlumberger: ECLIPSE 100, E300
  • Rock Flow Dynamics: t-Navigator
  • Tempest: EnABLE

In addition to standard black oil modelling, Belltree staff boast strong experience in developing and running advanced simulation models:

  • Compositional Modelling (GEM / E300)
  • Chemical Flood Modelling (STARS)
  • Unconventional (Shale / CBM) Modelling (GEM)
  • PVT Modelling & Equation of State Development

Please see our Case Studies page for a project example or Contact Us to discuss how we can best apply our expert simulation knowledge to solve your field problem.

Unconventional Reservoirs

Belltree staff have strong experience not only in conventional but also unconventional reservoirs including:

  • Tight Gas (e.g. <0.1mD)
  • Coal Bed Methane (CBM) / Coal Seam Gas (CSG)
  • Shale Gas
  • Shale Oil

Understanding unconventional reservoirs requires a unique skill-set and a commercial mind-set not common to most technical professionals in the industry. Belltree’s engineering and geoscience team has strong consulting and operational experience in shale and coal plays around the world, from onshore UK to Australia and South-East Asia. Our in-house unconventional services span the full upstream project cycle, including:

  • Basin screening exercises
  • Resource estimation
  • Co-ordinating third party services (e.g. laboratory geochemistry, specialist petrophysics and environmental planning)
  • License applications
    • Compilation of Field Development Plans
    • Well planning
    • Exploration/development well operations support
  • Well design, testing and analysis
  • Field development planning
  • Simulation studies